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On The Other Side of the Aisle

We met for thirty minutes. That’s less time than a bad blind date. Entrusted to turn a vision and a handful of drawings into a dream wedding cake. In those ensuing weeks prior to the big day, hours were spent hand-crafting each flower petal. Every sugar pearl precisely placed. Each design meticulously practiced before hand-painting the real deal. The colors mixed and re-mixed to match exactly. I died twice during the process. Every detail had to be perfect.

Outdoor weddings + cake. It’s the ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ movie that should have been produced. To stave off disaster, the weather must be: (1) between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit; (2) not raining; (3) < 50% humidity; (4) cloudy, with no chance of direct sun; (5) no wind. Bugs cannot exist for the duration of the party. This has never happened before, except that one time: A unicorn cake. Of course, the unicorn cake.

A Pennsylvania farm wedding. A venue and nature backdrop so beautiful Norman Rockwell would vomit. Nirvana aback. The dreamy scrim abruptly morphed and the elements of disaster commenced: Billowing rain, humidity, a cloak of hot, sticky, swelter. Bugs. And the cake table was not level. It’s never once been level. Not even for the unicorn. That’s when you donned a pink wig, turned on the smile, and took out your tool box. To yourself, you contemplated why you do this; the silent obscenities. But when you glanced up, you saw her. The bride with her parasol and rain galoshes, smiling, so happy. You smiled back. Pretending not to notice there was a waterfall of rain cascading from the tent canopy, you persevered and just as you finished the very last detail, the incredibly talented Matoli Keely of Matoli Keely Photography swept in and snapped the first of several memories. I knew her lenses were foggy, but that smile. Her show time had begun.

I walked away that evening knowing I made another wedding dream come true. Later, I may have thought about my running bad luck with the weather, just a haze of a memory now overshadowed by proofs sent of Matoli’s ethereal pictures capturing the air of a romantic, mid-summer wedding. But more likely, I thought of upcoming adventures. It’s what I do. A couples' dream. The ability to make that dream come true + a bit of magic. These are the types of stories you don’t hear about because everything appeared flawless, perfect. Just a silent perspective from one of just the many involved who stand on the other side of the aisle.

Cake created by The Confection Witch | All photographs taken by Matoli Keely Photography

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