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Hi! I'm Meagan, aka 'Witch', a nickname bestowed by a dear friend. I grew up in a family of cooks. The kind of food that 'hugs' you and comforts your soul: My grandmother's fried chicken; my grandfather's spiced shrimp; my great-grandmother's biscuits that still hold legend. Among these cooks is one special baker: My mom. At the hem of her apron, she taught me about quality ingredients, the importance of farm-raised chicken eggs and fresh-churned butter. We re-invented humble, old-school recipes, infusing sophistication into our baking with unexpected flavors. 

Meet Brian, aka 'Icing Troll', partner to Confection Witch. He is a country boy at heart and his culinary thought will always have that foundation. The au courant term "farm-to-table" was more than an expression, but rather a reality for Brian growing up in a small, rural town. He went crappie and bass fishing with his dad and his family ate what they raised, from chickens and rabbits to picking fruit from trees grown in the backyard. Brian's artistic ethic is a tribute to the timeless recipes he prepared with his mom and grandmother, MeMe, and the traditions of small town living: Starting with fresh, seasonal ingredients and making everything from scratch.

When we think about the recipes we learned, we are inspired to re-create them on our own. Bridging the generations, old and new, we are carrying on our family's traditions, but with our own flavors and signature, artistic flair. We are inspired to honor our family's legacies, sourcing ingredients from local and sustainable farms.


How does one describe the outcome? "It must be witchcraft" said my dear friend.

Welcome to the kitchen of the


Confection   Witch

Weddings + Special Events


Do you believe in Magic?

We do. Confection Witch specializes in unique, modern, custom-order cakes and confections to suit any theme, for any age, or any occasion.


Contact us to place your custom dream cake or dessert order by providing information about your event date, event location, guest count, and anything else you want to tell us about your special event.

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We sculpt from the spirit and soul of what we see.

The Ingredients


We believe flavor, as nature intended, should be celebrated. There is an emphasis on fresh ingredients sourced from local, family-run purveyors and ethical, fair-trade sources that champion sustainability and transparency in their growing practices. Fruit, vegetables, tea, and edible flowers are dried and hand-ground into fine powders to color and flavor. Every sugar flower hand-crafted. No detail overlooked.


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Confection Witch is located in Washington, D.C.

(by appointment only)

Thank you for considering Confection Witch for your next special event! Please fill out the contact form below or e-mail us directly (typical response time is 24 hours).

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